Marina Nochevnaya

A friendly, individualized, and culturally diversified place

I was born and raised in Ivanovo, Russia (160 miles northeast of Moscow.) I graduated from Ivanovo State University in 2007 with BA in English and Foreign Literature and a MA in Linguistics.

In 2008, when visiting my friends in Colorado, I happened to attend Russian Festival in Denver where I learned about Colorado Heights University (CHU). I spoke with a Russian student at the CHU booth who told me about her wonderful experience with CHU and introduced me to the BA in International Business program.

I made my decision to apply to CHU right there at the festival and never regretted it.

I chose Colorado Heights University not only for its great academic programs, but because of its community. Compared to other schools in the United States I also visited, the atmosphere at CHU was (and is) different.

The first time I visited CHU, I found a very friendly, individualized, and extremely culturally diversified place, something I always looked for.

Being far away from my family and friends and in a different country, it was refreshing to get to know other international students from all over the world experiencing the same feelings.

Thanks for the excellent learning environment of CHU, in December 2010 I graduated with a BA in International Business degree. I didn’t want to stop at this and decided to proceed with an MBA in International Business with an emphasis on Corporate Finance, which I completed in April 2014.

The skills and knowledge I gained at CHU allowed me to successfully secure employment with the university. I am very proud to be an employee of Colorado Heights University and serve in the Admissions Office to assist students like myself to receive more education and achieve their dreams.

Many of them already have a degree from their home country and would like to add an American degree to their portfolio. Every day I am happy to share my wonderful student experience at CHU with new prospective students.

CHU is a unique school. From the first day I stepped my foot here, it became my second home full of the most amazing people from more than 50 countries whose one common passion is education.