Jason Chavez

At CHU, I became ‘Jason’

Jason Chavez

Different from other colleges I attended before, at Colorado Heights I became Jason. Being just a number ceased to be part of my world.

Having lots of new friends who really care gave me a sense of belonging and pride. Staff members are friendly too, and professors are very capable to impart their specific classes.

At CHU, professors really care about the student. They will actually ask if you need help, they know your name and they call you by your name or, if you prefer, even by your nickname.

At any given class, I’m usually sitting with students representing at least five different nationalities. That’s what I call diversity. Also, the small size classes at a small size college create an environment where people can actually know each other.

I feel very comfortable attending a college I regard as capable, professional, and caring. I’m also proud to be part of student government as I really care for other students and for the college itself.

Classes are challenging and interesting and professors will make every effort to help students to pass the class with the highest possible grade. The workload is appropriate for my knowledge level and learning is fun at CHU. Walking through campus is in itself a learning experience, because CHU’s campus is a historical place in Colorado. Anywhere you go in campus, you learn something about the history of Colorado.

What I like the most about my experience at CHU is the diversity among students, faculty, and staff. I like being exposed to new ideas from different nationalities and cultures. At CHU, I’m becoming a professional and I’m getting ready for success, because of the many resources CHU provides.

My experience has been very pleasant and I’m happy to attend CHU. In fact, I plan to attend their MBA program after I finish my Bachelor in Arts (BA) International Business BA.

The first year, I enjoyed meeting new people. It was a very refreshing experience. This year, my second year at CHU, is more challenging, because of the number of assignments and the 8-week session calendar. But I am not complaining, because in my third year I am planning to finish my degree and to do it with flying colors.