Campus Safety

CHU Campus & Public Safety Office Policies and Resources

We’re here to make your transition to life at Colorado Heights University as simple and safe as possible.

Call 303.944.1420 at any time if you need to contact a Public Safety officer. The Public Safety offices are in room 110, which is located on the first floor of the Administration Building. Public Safety officers are available to provide escorts and assistance with medical emergencies on campus at any time.

For campus messages regarding snow closures and other information, call the automated system message line at 303-937-4204.


To receive alerts from the campus security staff click here to join the CAMPUS EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM.


CHU Lockdown Procedures +
If the following alert codes are issued, the Colorado Heights University campus will operate per below. The following Threat Conditions each represent an increasing risk of an incident or

  1. Code Green: No Threat.
    The University will operate under Code Green on most occasions. Code Green indicates there is no condition or threat to University Property or the CHU Campus Community. Any incidents reported can be handled by normal daily operations of Maintenance and the Office of Public Safety.
  2. Code Yellow: Caution is warranted.
    Notification will be sent to Faculty, Staff, Management and Tenants via e-mail and text messaging methods. This represents any incident that will not seriously affect the overall functioning of the campus. This code is to be used in the need of increased awareness, surveillance, assessment of building damage, assessment of whether the threat requires further discussion or determination, protective measures or implementation of an action plan, contingency or emergency response. This could include attention and awareness of all persons entering the campus and the report of any suspicious activities or conditions discovered on campus.
  3. Code Orange: On Alert.
    A higher alert notification involving mass e-mail and cell phone text messaging to ALL of Campus Community including students with the potential of a modified lockdown. As in lockdown procedures, President and Director of Public Safety have authorization to call the code. This is declared when any incident affects an entire building or buildings and potentially disrupts the operation of the University. There is a higher risk of incident and necessary steps should be taken for the CHU Community to be aware of a potential threat or severe damage to University property. This includes a modified lockdown procedure where exterior doors will be locked and access will be controlled by Public Safety and Building Coordinators, however, people will be free to roam around within the building. No one can exit the building until ALL CLEAR is given by Public Safety Personnel. The President of Colorado Heights University or designee may cancel classes on campus until further notice. In this code, there is a potential for the need of outside community services. It is possible that CHU or a specific location on campus may need to move to an alternative site, disperse some or all of the workforce; and restrict access to the facility, except for essential personnel. CHU Public Safety will routinely check staff and students for proper identification during Code Orange.
  4. Code Red: Emergency Lockdown.

    • During the LOCKDOWN all school business should cease immediately.
    • Teachers should gather students away from doors and lock the classroom doors
      from inside.
    • Stay down.
    • Stay quiet.
    • Stay out of site.

    A Severe Condition that reflects the risk. These incidents/events require activation of all the Emergency Notification methods, including campus radios, phone system alerts, mass e-mails, cell phone text messaging, and word of mouth. Coordination between campus departments and community services are required for an effective response to the incident. There may be an increase in or redirecting of personnel to address critical emergency needs; assigning emergency response personnel and mobilizing trained teams or resources. Monitoring, redirecting, or constraining transportation. CHU Public Safety will call in personnel for the purpose of securing the campus and contact the President regarding communications or media. The Risk Management Team will be
    placed on alert to assist in anyway they can. The President of Colorado Heights University or designee may cancel classes on campus until further notice. University buildings will be locked and access will be denied to all non-essential personnel. All staff must have University IDs and visitors must possess driver’s license or other form of picture ID to allow visiting privileges. Overhead announcements and further instructions are delivered via CHU Phones System. After interior doors are secured, an initial roll call is taken by the faculty or staff member present in a given locked area and a message left with a brief status of all accounted for or any missing individuals and their last known location at During this time, no visitors will be permitted on campus. Exterior and interior doors will be locked, signs posted and Building Coordinators and Public Safety Personnel will go through the Lockdown Checklist.


Report Community Concerns Anonymously:

Use this form to report threats or suspicious activity on within the campus community.

Note: If you are a campus user or CHU community member, please program emergency contact numbers into your contact lists, handheld devices, or cellular phones.