Career Services at CHU


Colorado Heights University offers educational opportunities that enhance your job qualifications and expand your career opportunities. Our degree programs give our graduates a broad set of business and management skills that open doors to a wide variety of fields. Graduates of our English programs find expanded opportunities in the USA as well as in their home countries. At CHU we’re always helping you reach new heights!

Our Mission

To help students prepare for a career within which they can thrive. To facilitate the creation of responsible global citizens and leaders. To connect students and graduates with employers. To connect employers to multilingual and multicultural business graduates.


Career Opportunities

CHUCS offers support for students in every area of job prospecting and resume development. As a result, 86% of graduates from our degree programs have found full-time employment in their career field within 6 months of leaving CHU.

We offer guidance and support for all students in applying for OPT and CPT opportunities. F-1 students studying in our business program qualify to work in the United States for 1 year as an intern during CPT and an additional year after graduation as OPT.  Students work in a variety of capacities within their chosen field.  A student’s determination in finding a suitable career and then making a plan to attain that goal plays a large role in job outcomes. CHUCS is here to guide students through the process. Be sure to visit the career center early and often during your time at Colorado Heights University for the best results!

In addition, students who complete our Intensive English programs find opportunities in a wide variety of jobs that require English language skills or increase TOEFL scores enough to qualify for collegiate study.