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Intensive English Courses at CHU Increase Your Opportunities

Colorado Heights University offers several intensive English courses designed to help students of all ages and backgrounds achieve their goals. Our teaching philosophy utilizes an immersive classroom environment that builds comprehensive language skills. Our approach is intensive with 4-hour English classes, 5 days a week. The program is of national and international distinction, contains an exciting and engaging curriculum, and is taught by an inspirational and international faculty. Whether you are looking for ESL classes to improve your job opportunities or advance your educational options to college or university, CHU is for you!

Why Intensive English at CHU Works

For those interested in learning English as a Second Language (ESL), CHU is one of the best places to study English in the USA. Our Intensive English and TOEFL® Preparation (IETP) program is focused on helping students learn English in a total immersion environment. The English lessons cover all skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar) through the use of topic areas that provide the context for communication. Each English course has a robust integrated project that pushes the language learner to stretch his or her fluency level. The TOEFL-ITP® test is used as a placement and assessment tool that gives the program external validation for the measurement of student learning.

A key part of CHU’s success is the weekly workshop sessions that allow students to focus on specific areas as they learn English. Classroom sessions focus on building skills in all areas of English, while workshops allow students to focus on the areas of the English skills that need additional help.

CHU offers several ESL class options to fit different lifestyles and schedules.

  • 12-month program (IETP): Our most comprehensive Intensive English program allows students to make maximum advancement in English fluency. You’ll receive 900 hours of classroom interaction and learning. Graduates earn a certificate of completion.
  • 4-month program (TIETP): For students who have busy life schedules or are looking for a shorter English course to enhance their English skills, this program offers comprehensive improvement. You’ll receive 300 hours of classroom interaction and learning.
  • 8-week sessions: If you’re working with limited time or financial resources, consider a single session of Intensive English. Perfect for students on tourist visas!

Click here to review the IETP Gainful Disclosure Employment Information for CHU. You’ll find more opportunity when you learn English!

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Flexible Daily Schedules

  • English Class sessions run daily for 4 hours
    • Morning (8:30AM – 12:30PM)
    • Afternoon (1:00PM – 5:00PM)
    • Evening (6:00PM – 10:00PM)
  • Class structures
    • Classroom teaching occurs Monday through Thursday
    • Group workshops every Friday

ESL Course Sheets

If you want to study English in Denver, click on the flags below for a printable version of each Intensive English and TOEFL® Preparation program sheet:


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