Catering / Liquor

catering_850x275We want to make sure you have plenty of choices in planning your event. With an open catering policy, you are free to bring in any caterer or restaurant of your choice. Please refer to the catering and liquor policies for guidelines.

Colorado Heights University Catering Policy

Colorado Heights University has an open catering policy that allows any caterer or restaurant to serve events. CHU also allows guests to bring in their own food.

For more information on our Catering Policy click here.

Colorado Heights University Liquor Policy

Clients may provide beer and wine for an event. Selling alcohol is strictly forbidden unless a non-profit organization procures a special event permit and provides it to the Colorado Heights University event staff in advance of the event date.

For more information on our Liquor Policy click here.

Insurance Coverage Overview

Colorado Heights University requires a certificate of insurance for all events. If you are unable to provide this through existing coverage, please click on the following link for some sites that can provide this for you.

For more information about the Insurance Coverage  click here.

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