Nina Kazazian

Nina Kazazian

Business Law


Boston University School of Law, J.D.
Stanford University, A.B., History, Departmental Honors
The Graduate Institute of International and Development, Geneva, Switzerland (coursework in international history, economics, and law)


I have worked as an attorney and mediator in the private and public sectors, for small and large national firms. I have also worked as a real estate investor, strategic analyst, leasing agent, and property manager for more than 27 years; a children’s ski instructor for more than 8 years; a sales person, U.S. Congressional Intern, a journalist, and a research analyst for a non-governmental organization.


Beyond striving to ensure that students learn the fundamental content of the courses I teach, my objectives as a university teacher are as follows: (a) to foster critical thinking and writing skills; (b) to facilitate the acquisition of lifelong learning skills and the flexibility to apply core skills to many situations; (c) to help students develop evidence-based problem-solving strategies; and (d) to prepare students to function as highly skilled and competent managers and entrepreneurs.

Personal Interests:

I was raised in Colorado and am an outdoor enthusiast, dog-lover, enjoy international travel, and part-time ski instructor. I enjoy learning new languages, and speak English (mother tongue), French, Swedish, and a little Italian, Spanish, and German.

International Experience:

I have lived, studied, and worked in Geneva, Switzerland and Stockholm, Sweden. I have also traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Argentina, Belize, Mexico, Canada, Egypt, India, Turkey, Armenia, Russia, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark, and Finland. I prefer travel to countries where English is not the first language, and love learning about different cultures and history.