Jon Wilkerson

Jon Wilkerson

Assistant Dean of Business Programs

Jon Wilkerson


AAS Interpreting, Front Range Community College
BA Modern Languages (Minor: Linguistics), Metropolitan State College
MBA, University of Colorado at Denver
MS International Business, University of Colorado at Denver


I first started teaching in mathematics at Auraria Campus in 1999. For the last ten years I have taught business at Colorado Heights University (and have become the Assistant Dean of Business Programs there). I have my own seminar/speaking business that gives me the chance to travel all over the world and give seminars on being more effective in challenging circumstances, as well as helping teachers be more effective in the classroom.


The most important knowledge you can have as a teacher is an understanding of the “beginner’s mind”–what it is like to not know what you yourself know very well. With that you can help the student construct a model of the world that give them a powerful tools and lenses to solve daunting challenges. My teaching method is “solution agnostic”; or maybe that would be better phrased as “by any means necessary”! I constantly seek new and innovative ways to engage and empower our remarkable students.

Personal Interests:

I am fascinated by other countries and cultures, and the economic and cultural integration of the world that we call “globalization.” I love studying languages and am always working on a few. When not working or studying, I enjoy opera, classical music, ballet, and theatre–but mostly I enjoy spending time with my love of 24 years: Donna.

International Experience:

Travel is simply the most wonderful thing I can do. As a young man, I spent two and a half years hitchhiking around Europe. As a trainer, I have had the privilege of giving seminars in India, China, Japan, Malaysia, England, Mexico, and Mongolia. I hope to see many more countries and make many more international friends.