Clay Bandy

Clay Bandy

Instructor in Information Technology


MSU- Bachelors in IT
Regis University- Masters in MIS
Nova Southeastern University- ABD in MIS


I started working in IT back when it was called Data Processing. And while not always working in the field I was always interested in it and kept up with the changes. Upon completing my Masters I started teaching at my alma mater of MSU part-time. SInce that start in teaching I have taught at several colleges and universities, enjoying the culture at CHU the most.


My teaching challenge is to learn what the students do not know and then show them how to learn that themselves. A secondary and auxiliary challenge is to find an area of IT that the student will get excited about and introduce them to that.

Personal Interests:

I enjoy building- whether it is a hi-tech MIS made with hi-tech tools or a canoe or chicken coop made with millennial old tools and materials. And not surprisingly there are many similarities in techniques, tactics, a outcomes, and approaches between the old and new

International Experience:

My wife and I love to travel and have had that opportunity, being in 6 continents and multiple countries. We strive for the “local experience” and feel we are having a good trip when we are in places where tourists do not usually go.One great experience was being with a group in South Africa and not understanding a word of the Zulu, and a few there not understanding any English. Yet being able to communicate and one person speaking to me in Spanish.